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Living on a catamaran currently in the Mediterranean.  Loving the warmth of the sun, the gentle sea breeze and the relaxed way of life.  (That’s what we thought anyway)

We work on board, we live a good life, we eat well and we enjoy every day!  We love the freedom, we love meeting new people and seeing new places. 

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We are Free to Sail 57

We are Free to Sail 57

We are back on anchor and free to sail.  (In the image above is the bay we are now sitting in). Well that is the theory anyway!  In reality we need to do another shop and we need to pick up a parcel that hasn’t arrived yet So in the meantime we can test all of our...

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

Overwintering on a boat in Samos Marina, on the beautiful Greek island of Samos could be quite a lonely affair if it wasn’t for the live-aboard community, let’s refer to them as the ‘exuberant partakers of the odd libation’.... so one naturally forms, The Sunday Lunch...

How Will Brexit Affect our Travels? 55

How Will Brexit Affect our Travels? 55

With all of unknown surrounding Brexit, many UK sailors have been exploring all of the different ways in which we might or might not be affected by Brexit.  Before we left the UK, we were approached by several doom and gloom merchants who felt that there was already...

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