We are loving our new Bimini and extra canvas work that is now completed.   We hope that by changing from bright (and dirty) yellow to “mushroom”, we will be less attractive to wasps and more able to keep a cleaner and tidier appearance for the next few years.

It has been easy working with Yannis and Sotaris from Yacht Sewing in Lakki.  They were very particular with the design and fit of the new Bimini, everything had to be just right.   They kept coming and fitting and taking it back and redoing it and trying it again.  So many times I would have said that is fine, but no it wouldn’t do, it had to be just right.  They worked so hard to get the best finish with such attention to detail it made me smile.

Now Paul likes everything just so and will work hard to make sure that everything is as good as it can possibly be. We had tried multiple designs of mosquito hatch guards, and Paul was convinced that an easy solution would be a velcro version.  Now I have a pet hate with velcro. Those of you with long hair will probably agree with me that it is a material that you just don’t need in your life.  However Paul is convinced that it is because people haven’t paid enough attention and put the soft part where my hair can get trapped in it. If you fit it correctly and put the soft side of the velcro facing downwards my hair will never get trapped again.

Without me knowing he asked the boys to make some of his hatch covers.   They are so neat I didn’t even notice they were there. I have had to agree he might well have been right.  They look smart, they are easy to open to open and close the windows and they have been cheap to produce.   We might have a useable, affordable solution.   Lets see how many times I am found hanging from the ceiling over the course of the summer.

So we ended up with:

1.  A new Bimini (The tent above the door way to give shade from the sun in the summer and shade from the wind and rain in the winter).  It is a bit like our conservatory really.

2.  A new stack pack. (the bag the main sail sits in)

3.  New hatch covers.  (This protects the windows from the sun and shades the rooms from too much sun in the summer)

4.  New windscreens (This allows us to see out in the summer while it reflects the heat and doesn’t allow the direct sun into the main salon).

5.  New rope bags (both to hold the sail ropes and bags for our long stern lines that we use to attach ourselves to the rocks when anchored in small harbours)

6.  New spinnaker bag (this means the spinnaker which is an extra sail is always ready on the trampoline to to be popped up when we need it). Paul wanted a design with a mesh bottom to let out the water so the sail doesn’t ever have to sit in water.

7.  New paddle board bag (same design as the spinnaker bag with the mesh bottom)

8.  A new UV strip on the Genoa (this is a sacrificial strip of material sown onto the side of the sail at the front which when wrapped away will stop the sun eating the sail.  You can then just replace this strip every few years).

9.  BBQ cover

10. New outdoor cushion covers made in a material that dogs hairs don’t stick to.  These cushions have to be fairly resilient because they often sit in the sun, you tread on them when you climb out on deck to alter the sails or go to the front of the boat.  They are left out all summer and they have to be washed down, brushed or cleaned if the dog has been on them.

We soon realised that having multiple beds for Lilly was just not possible in the boat.  So we allowed her to sit on one of cushions.  She even commandeered a pillow cushion too … she is such a princess.   But on the whole she is good.  She will stay on her cushion as long as she has her pillow.

We also added an extra seat cushion in the centre of the boat which Lilly is very pleased with.  She can watch the cats or goats in comfort now.

So, we are at last set to go up and haul the boat out of the water for the final round of jobs before our summer sailing.  Oh we are so looking forward to moving again.   Just typical, we have got a big blow that has come in and we will have to postpone our move for another few days!   We have 5 weather forecasts and all of them said that today would be calm.  Instead we have wind, rain and gusts blowing thirty.  The waves are big and it is not the best for our first trip out after 3 months tied to the quay.

We are Free to Sail 57

We are Free to Sail 57

We are back on anchor and free to sail.  (In the image above is the bay we are now sitting in). Well that is the theory anyway!  In reality we need to do another shop and we need to pick up a parcel that hasn’t arrived yet So in the meantime we can test all of our...

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

Overwintering on a boat in Samos Marina, on the beautiful Greek island of Samos could be quite a lonely affair if it wasn’t for the live-aboard community, let’s refer to them as the ‘exuberant partakers of the odd libation’.... so one naturally forms, The Sunday Lunch...


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