Paul’s worst catastrophe fear is the snapping of the rigging and the damage it could do to you if it snapped or to the boat if it put the mast under tension causing it to break and fall. The risk to life is high, the risk of injury even higher and the financial implications as well as the physical difficulty of getting to somewhere where you could have everything mended would add up to a lot of heart ache.

 My idea of hell is my computer breaking or being stolen! (Of course this would probably be different if I didn’t have Paul to take care of our safety and well being)! 

 My computer and I are “joined at the hip”, I can’t imagine my life now without it. I use it for my work, I use it for my recreation, I am currently building 3 websites (one for work) one app (I know that surprised you didn’t it), I write this blog on it and I do my research with it. It is my daily life even as we sail.

 For me, living on a boat means you have the best possible place to work. The light is brilliant, the scenery never gets boring, the fresh air brings your work place to life. I am lucky enough to be able to work from anywhere and thanks to the computer age, it means I really can be anywhere.

 The truth is we (Paul and I), are not really ‘adventurers’. We like to play it safe, we like to eat what we like, we like our own comforts and we like our own company. On our boat, we have our own little island, it is not until something happens that you realise your life could easily be turned upside down if these little pleasures were to change.

 So when, one fine morning in October, my computer refused to start, I began to panic. Did I have a backup? Would I be able to do my consultations today? Were my records safe? Where could I get the computer fixed? How long would I be without my lifeline?

 Now putting this into prospective, I have got a spare computer. My computer had got slower and slower but it did have a disc drive, so when we decided I would take over Paul’s computer, I decided I would keep mine ‘just in case’.

 Now Paul is much more patient than I to work with the Apple support guys, so he sat down and made the first call. He was able o book a call back so that was a positive start. Unfortunately, after a couple of hours we weren’t any further forward and they decided to reload the operating system. After two more hours and several phone calls we were no further forward and Paul began to take to support about getting the computer to Turkey for them to look at it.

 I was working out my strategy for working that evening. I had all of my patient notes securely kept on ICloud so could access them on my ancient IPad. I usually use my iPad for my video call so I would have to do that on my phone. I could use my old computer to write the new notes and then pass them over when we had a functioning system again. So by the time I was ready to sit down with my first client I had a cobbled together system. My computer was still as dead as a Dodo.

 Not being a defeatist I went to bed that night and asked the Universe to send me an easy option. Turkey was a non starter, we are struggling even to get to Leros with this constant wind, it would be weeks or even months away. Buying a new computer on a remote island in Greece didn’t sound all that great either. Which would probably mean a trip to Athens and hope I could get an English keyboard! There must be another way.

 Early the next morning I was surprised to get a video call from my son Dominic asking if we wanted to have breakfast with him and Flossy, my gorgeous Granddaughter. Of course I did, that was just what I needed. We had planned to do this before we had left on our voyage, but in actual fact we had only done it once before, so this was a real unexpected surprise.

 We had a lovely hour playing boo whilst Florence ate her breakfast. I mentioned my heart break with the computer and Dom started asking me questions about it. I said I would talk to him later because I didn’t want to ruin my mood whilst having breakfast with Flossy. So when we finished our cooing and booing, I passed the phone to Paul and Dom made a plan of action to sort the computer. He set Paul to work.

 Now those of you who know Dominic, understand that he knows a thing or two. Well even you might be surprised to learn that within half an hour my computer was up and running and as good as new. I had all of my original things back on it and we were rocking and rolling.

 Lesson one:… pay Dom for support not AppleCare!

Lesson two ….. if you have a problem, ask the universe to help … and it will!

Lesson three …. Buy extra internet allowance for emergencies.

Lesson four … should the worst happen we can sort it!

 Having already spent a day downloading operating systems we were dangerously close at using all my internet allowance for the month … and yet we still had eleven days to go. But this is my only worry … so I am not going to worry about it. We will make do and I will treat myself to a Hot chocolate in one of the tavernas so I can use their internet!

 So with one less thing to worry about now we can continue with our voyage. Paul is out just now tightening the rigging again because we still have to cross this last bit of sea to reach our winter resting place.


We are Free to Sail 57

We are Free to Sail 57

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The Sunday Lunch Club 56

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