When we picked up Sophie from Zakinthos, we had already realised that the island hadn’t got many places for a boat to shelter and the island was full of rowdy tourists. Of course it was August so was to be expected. We decided that the best option was to turn around and head back up to the quieter islands a little further north.

 We sailed (not a lot because of the lack of wind), we paddle boarded, we swam, we cooked, we ate lots, we played cards, we brain stormed business ideas, we read books, we snorkelled, we lay in the sun. We didn’t do much towny stuff or much walking as Lilly had had a minor mishap with her paws, but we had a lovely time just being together.

 After a glorious two weeks island hopping with Sophie, we headed back to drop her on Zakinthos. I asked her what she thought about staying on a boat:

 What was the most enjoyable activity during your stay?
“The morning swims, when it was really calm, we swam for an hour together, mother and daughter it was great to spend that time together”… I agreed, a lovely time and she managed to get me to do some kind of physical activity whilst being able to talk about life.

 What was the hardest thing about being on the boat?
“Trying to cook a nice meal on a boat. It is difficult enough in a strange kitchen, but a small one, with limited equipment and limited ingredients, I found it frustrating that my meals didn’t come out quite as planned. It was a real challenge and I got quite upset that my meals weren’t the best, I was pleased that you were eating more veggie dishes, that made it easier for me”.

 What was the most embarrassing moment?
“One morning I had real difficulty pumping the loo and clearing the pan. I got so mad because it wasn’t going down, I just turned around and left it for a while. Then Paul wants to sort the water out and I had to explain why I had left the loo still full. He had to show me again how to use the loo, it was sooooooo embarrassing”

 What was the most surprising moment of your stay?
“I was surprised at your boaty knowledge, mum, I was quite impressed that you knew so much”. Gosh, perhaps I am learning something then.

 Did you enjoy moving around island hopping on the boat?
“Yes, I really enjoyed that, I think I might have been bored if we had stayed in one place. I like being at anchor best and being able to swim in crystal clear waters, and be away from people, having the whole bay to yourself is great, then it is great to find another spot and go exploring”.

 Was anything disappointing?
“Yes, I haven’t seen dolphins or turtles. ….. such a shame”.

 How did you find being in such close quarters with other crew members?
“For me it was fine because I love being with people, but for those that need their own space then there is plenty of space on a cat to go up front or tie the paddle board behind the boat and just hang out there for a while. I even went for a bit of a kip in my room yesterday and that was fine too”.

 When you come out again, what would you like to do differently?
“I don’t want to do anything different, I want to do the same next time. Well I guess I could learn a bit more of the sailing, that might be fun”.

 Have you got any advice for future guests?
“Yes, not to come with any expectations, as soon as you make any plans the wind gets up, or doesn’t get up and your plans have to change. You have to come with an open mind and be ok with whatever nature allows you to do whilst you are here”.


We are Free to Sail 57

We are Free to Sail 57

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The Sunday Lunch Club 56

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