We awoke to blue skies and the sun coming in through our overhead window.   Great, I wasn’t working today so we could have a relaxed day together. I began by taking Lilly for a walk.  We have a lovely walk in Lipsi, when the sun is out we can follow the coast line along the beaches and around to the West of the village.  It means we have full sun and it is already starting to get hot.

We realised that goats were on the move, their bells were getting louder and louder and suddenly we see that the farmer was feeding the goats on the road.  What a wonderful site.   I love Greece!  I don’t really understand why they were feeding whole maize kernels  when there is so much lush grass and greenery around just now.  I haven’t seen them do this before, maybe it is an occasional treat to remind them to come to food, or maybe with so many young kids in the herd, it is a good milk boost for the nannies.   Unfortunately I was unable to ask the question … note to self … get back to learning Greek … It is important!

Anyway, it was a great opportunity to get nice a close with Lilly and enjoy the bouncing kids hopping up and down the road.

The reason I haven’t been continuing my Greek learning is that I realised when I was walking Lilly, I really must concentrate on Lilly.   I have begun some new training with her which we are both enjoying.   We are beginning to see some good results with a lot more focussed attention on me rather than on cats and goats.   The training is about playing games with her daily food rations.  The training is by Absolute Dogs (Leash off, Game on).

So a perfect breakfast was waiting when I returned to the boat.  Scrambled eggs on toast for me, and a bacon sandwich for Paul as a real treat.   Bacon and sausages are just not the same in Greece as we are used to in the UK, occasionally though we do find some smoked pork we can use as bacon and even more occasionally we find bacon.  We try to stock up the freezer when we find a good supply.

I have been meditating for the last few weeks.  I joined a new course with Mind Valley and decided that this would be good for me.  Of course this has coincided with the warm weather beginning so it has been an absolute pleasure to sit at the front of the boat each day with a warm breeze wafting around as I go through my paces.   Look up 6 Phase Guided Meditation by Vishen Lakhiani if you want to try an easy way to begin your day.

On a non working day, (that is no clients) I usually spend 2 or 3 hours answering emails, planning courses and now working with other homeopaths to keep the flow if information going to the ever increasing numbers of people looking to find a choice to antibiotics!  This morning was no exception and I spent three hours working away in the world of homeopathy.

Then our real treat of the day.   We were going out for lunch.  On this little island with only one taverna open, we had already realised that the family business was really good at cooking.  With a cousin owning the shop, a brother the Hotel and various other family members popping in for their lunch, we were the only visitors.   We asked if we could take our table outside, it being a glorious day and so we sat on our own enjoying the vista.   Our meal was exceptional, me with lamb chops  and Paul with squid, we had a wonderful afternoon.   We retired feeling full, warm and sleepy.

A quick doze was in order as the boat was in full sunshine, what a lovely way to spend the afternoon.  We knew that wind was forecast tomorrow so we had to make the most of this time.  We then realised the Port Police were all around us and had come over to ask us to move. There was a Fiesta that evening and they were having fireworks on the quay where we were moored.  As we had planned to leave early the next day we could choose whether to bring up the anchor and move around the bay or move on to Arki right now.   As Lilly is not keen on fireworks and Fiesta usually meant racket all night, we decided to travel the 7 or 8 miles over to Arki.

The trouble is when you find a beautiful village you do want to stay and this means you don’t get to see the next bay or island!   Because of the forecast we knew that Arki, the next island has a very sheltered harbour and would be better for us for the next blow.   What we didn’t know was if it would have enough internet for my consultations.  It is sparsely populated and we didn’t expect any shops or tavernas to be open in March.

The decision to move was a good one because it was such a lovely passage around to Arki.  There wasn’t any wind, the sun was glorious and we loved the fresh air in our faces.  It took us an hour and a half to travel 8 miles around to Port Augusta.  The inlet was indeed very sheltered.  There was a taverna open, about 10 or 15 houses, a couple of fishing boats and that was it.   It looked perfect.  I am hopeful the internet will suffice. We are happy to spend the rest of the week here just exploring a quiet, peaceful greek Island in March.  I love living on a boat. 

We are Free to Sail 57

We are Free to Sail 57

We are back on anchor and free to sail.  (In the image above is the bay we are now sitting in). Well that is the theory anyway!  In reality we need to do another shop and we need to pick up a parcel that hasn’t arrived yet So in the meantime we can test all of our...

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

Overwintering on a boat in Samos Marina, on the beautiful Greek island of Samos could be quite a lonely affair if it wasn’t for the live-aboard community, let’s refer to them as the ‘exuberant partakers of the odd libation’.... so one naturally forms, The Sunday Lunch...


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