Arriving in Leros, we made the preparations to get the boat lifted out of the water so our hole could be mended.  We tried to organise things so we wouldn’t be out of the water for too long but we knew they would need to dry the boat before fixing it.  They arranged to have us lifted on the Wednesday but didn’t actually come to inspect and make a plan until late on Thursday.

We realised then that it was Oki day on the following Monday (Greek National Bank Holiday) so things were going to take as long as they 


We found a little house in the next bay which looked promising.  it had a big garden and was right by the sea.  It had a separate bedroom and kitchen, which after our last experience in February, we decided this was important.   The other important equipment it had was a washing machine.

Our first job was too ensure we could get internet there as I had a couple of days of consultations.  So we started by setting up our router (complete with sim card) and found that we would be fine.  I was able to work at a desk in the sitting room and Paul was free to use the rest of the house whilst I worked. 

We planned that Paul would go back to the boat each day and I would stay in the house with Lilly on the days I had patients.

What we hadn’t anticipated was the road between the house and the beach, we had thought there would be an occasional car at this time of year tootling along to the sleepy village.  Unfortunately, the house was just before the junction to the sleepy village and seemed to be a short cut for the whole island to go back to Leros.   Not only was it noisy, the road was fast.

We (including Lilly) were safe enough because the garden was well fenced, it just made it an unpleasant place to sit out in the evening, we just aren’t used to the noise!  After 2 days we gave up and moved back to the boat. We stripped the boat of all of our clothes, curtains, cushions and mats and took then back to the house to be washed in the machine.  


 Slowly the boat had a work schedule agreed and a team of boat builders began to grind, scrape, cut and sand!

Because the boarding ladder had to be removed to carry out the work, we had to have two small hatches fitted so that this was possible.  We plan to now put in two more cleats along the side of the sugar scoop which will be useful for additional fenders in the future.

The damaged area was ground back to a solid base. Two layers of GRP matting followed by a layer of gelcoat filler was added and then sanded again to produce a smooth ‘polishable’ surface.

We had been positioned close to the slipway so Lilly had a wonderful play area for fishing and spent a wonderful few days pointing at the fish!

She was happy to come in and sleep in the sunshine after such strenuous activities.  

We all realised that we are much happier on the boat than we are in a house at the moment.  I think we are good for another few years of traveling!

It was Thursday before we were finished and lifted back into the water.  The machines in this yard were incredible and it only took 2 men about 20 minutes to get us back into the water.  Lift out here is expensive but it is the most relaxed liftout you ever will have experience.  It was easy.

Soon we were back in the town anchorage and ready for our onward journey to Lipsi and Samos.  We went back into the town quay to fill up with water and fuel, to do a last shop in the town and to wash all of the dust and muck off the boat.   Then we were ready.

Whilst in Leros we stocked up on Paul’s favourite coffee from the wonderful coffee shop in Lakki, we also found they had some big 20 litre boxes of white wine so we bought three boxes there as well. It is a lovely independant shop with helpful and friendly staff.  They remembered us from last year and made a big fuss of us. 

Our good friend Popi at the cafe where we had spent quite a few hours during the winter months last year had kindly taken in a parcel for us which we needed to collect.  It was a huge parcel!  Luckily our trolley was able to get it back to the boat to be unpacked and stored ready for commissioning. This is Paul’s next project and is now safely stored on the boat.  It is our new watermaker!

We are Free to Sail 57

We are Free to Sail 57

We are back on anchor and free to sail.  (In the image above is the bay we are now sitting in). Well that is the theory anyway!  In reality we need to do another shop and we need to pick up a parcel that hasn’t arrived yet So in the meantime we can test all of our...

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

The Sunday Lunch Club 56

Overwintering on a boat in Samos Marina, on the beautiful Greek island of Samos could be quite a lonely affair if it wasn’t for the live-aboard community, let’s refer to them as the ‘exuberant partakers of the odd libation’.... so one naturally forms, The Sunday Lunch...


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