Our travel details to date:

  • 44 journeys in 77 days
  •  47 days of sailing.
  • 1122 nautical miles
  • 150 hours of motoring

1 fish caught. (we seriously need bigger fishing hooks … I need to become a better fisherwoman!)
650 litres of fuel purchased with 150 litres left in the tanks

Seas crossed:

  • Adriatic Sea
  • Strait of Otranto. (near Albania)
  • Ionian Sea

We haven’t ran out of gas yet … we have no idea how much we have in the galley gas bottle (10.8kg)

We also have a gas BBQ which we inherited. We couldn’t purchase the gas for the bottles that were on board so we bought local Greek camping gas and had a camping gas regulator bought out from the UK to fit it. Bazaar that we can purchase the gas cylinders but could not find a regulator to fit them anywhere. Luckily we had family visiting so we purchased one in the UK that we reckoned would do the job … and it did!

  • We have used a laundrette once. (All other washing done by hand).
  • We have eaten out 8 times . (We are getting quite proficient at cooking the local dishes).
  • We have dragged the anchor twice. (With our new anchor once … it doesn’t really like weed). We realise now that we have to test it and make sure we are confident it is in and fixed. (It gives a resounding bounce back feel when you pul against it).
  • We have stayed along side a quay 6 times and been anchored the rest of the time.
  • We have had rain on three days out of 77 days
  • We have spent €600 a month on groceries (a lot more than we ever used to spend). Food is expensive here but it does have a hell of a journey to get to these little islands.
  • We have drank 125 litres of bottled water.

 I have had 78 homeopathic consultations on board

I have worn a dress 6 times (that is a new record)

 We can go a maximum of 9 days with 250 litres of tank water (washing and cooking). We don’t drink it except if boiled first. We do now do a lot more washing in the sea (ourselves not clothes). We are wearing less clothing because it is too hot to wear much here in July and August. We have filled the water tanks 9 times to date.

  • We have learnt three words in Greek … this is appalling and will be changed right now!

In fact lets add a list of things I want to do:

Things I want to achieve in the next few months:

  1. I would like to read up about Greek history as the islands seemed to have been occupied by all and sundry of the centuries.
  2. I would like to understand the farming here. Who milks the goats. Who makes the cheese, how much GDP are the olives worth?
  3. Learn more Greek.
  4. Do more painting!

Things Paul would like to achieve in the next few month:

  1. Replace batteries so we can have more ice!
  2. Replace windless which is starting to slip
  3. Cure holding tank issues
  4. Learning to splice 8 strand rope

 You can see we have quite different reasons for being here, and quite different sources of amusement! Luckily, we understand that this is the ideal combination of interests because we need each other to live this life. (Well probably I need Pauls skills more than he needs mine).

Lilly seems content with life as it is!

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