November 1st …. Our winter Season Begins

We had arrived in Leros a few days early.  Of course, this is when the wind dies and the sun comes out.  We have a few days plugged into electric and with the use of hot, (unlimited water) showers, great walks, etc etc when we take the decision to go off for a few days while the sun is out.

Because we have a southerly wind on Tuesday and a northerly wind on Thursday we plan to head north for a couple of days.   We decide to investigate Patmos.  We arrive at a beautiful bay with no one there.  The sea is clear, the sun is out, it is truly beautiful.

We have a gorgeous afternoon with swimming, walking and a bbq with a cocktail.  What a great afternoon.  We were in the bay Griko and it certainly was a great spot. 

Patmos has lots of history. It is claimed that John the Devine was banished to Patmos by the Emperor Domitian where, in the Cave of St Anne, St John dictated the Wild poetry of the Apocalypse found in the book of Revelations to his disciple Prochorus.

Later, the island was renowned as the home of Saracen Pirates and when, in 1088, St Christodoulos established a monastery on the island, it had to be fortified for protection.  Now the island is well known as the Spiritual Centre for the Orthodox Church and a new Theological College attracts students from all over Greece.

Thursday November the 1st we had made plans to go back to Leros but we decided to sail around the island and go to Lipso instead.  We awoke to beautiful blue skies and a luxuriously warm sun.  I decide to walk along to the village with Lilly, it was empty save 2 or 3 people working on buildings.  The village seemed mainly hotels and apartments with a few fishing mans cottages.  I took the opportunity to practice taking better photos with the iPhone.   We have decided to do a short online course to help us along, so this seemed an ideal morning with the blue blue skies.

When I returned to the boat I couldn’t resist a quick swim.  It certainly was a bit colder than early in the year but so refreshing and great in the sunshine. (I think I am a fair weather swimmer).  Paul cooked scrambled egg on toast which may not sound exciting but it was the first time we have tested the little toaster on our inverter …. And it worked!    I am not sure how often we will want toast but it was a real treat this morning.

Now we were ready to go exploring so we pulled up the anchor and motored into the wind (due north) to check out the town and the other bays.   When we reached the top of the island we came across a large school of dolphins.  We took this opportunity to put the sails up ready to sail across to Lipso.    This means we turn into the wind so the boat is almost still, while Paul pulls and winches the mainsail up the mast.   It also means I get to watch the dolphins while Paul sweats through his workout!

We feel so lucky to have such a charmed day on the 1st November.  Plenty warm enough to swim. Calm enough to have minimal waves, windy enough to sail between 6 and 8 knots, and relaxed enough to enjoy every moment.

So …. what is the beginning of November like in Greece?

  • The temperature is still 22 to 25 degrees
  • We still using only have a one tog duvet
  • We are still wearing shorts and bare feet on the boat
  • I am still swimming in the sea (Paul is not)!
  • We are still having to wear sunglasses every day
  • It is still warm enough to BBQ in the early evening even in the dark
  • We haven’t needed any heating yet (which is just as well as we don’t have any)
  • We wished we hadn’t booked in to the Marina as the weather is perfect for sailing and enjoying the empty anchorages
  • We are enjoying the empty town … no tourists.


We are Free to Sail 57

We are Free to Sail 57

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The Sunday Lunch Club 56

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