A Very Quiet Christmas

They told us Leros would be quiet and they were right.  The weather had closed in on us in the weeks leading up to Christmas and we had battened down the hatches to keep warm and dry.  Most of our sailing neighbours had gone off for a month or two, leaving their boats in the harbour to visit family or go traveling to Australia, Asia or the US.

For us, leaving the boat is difficult because we have Lilly on board, so we can’t just catch a flight home.  We haven’t ever been big Christmas revellers so we really didn’t mind.  Leros was the perfect place for an uncommercial Christmas.  I couldn’t even find wrapping paper!    My presents were therefore, not so beautifully presented in a range of plastic bags.  At least they were recycled a few times.

I had great fun choosing presents (I choose presents for me to give to me and me to give to Paul which really are for me too).  Paul always asks for new fenders or engine parts or lazy jack rope or this year a new canvas Bimini which is, as we speak, currently being stitched and therefore, unfortunately was not ready for Christmas.

I had found one shop that looked promising.  It was a real Aladdins Cave of hardware stuff (a bit like Trago Mills I guess).  I had previously spotted a few things that I could use on the boat.   The great thing about living on a boat is that you don’t need a lot of things and you certainly can’t go around buying nicnacs.  Everything on the boat has to have a use … or two or three if possible.  So we have great fun designing things that saves space, or rethinking storage ideas or changing the shape of something so you can fit more in.

For example … we have one food cupboard which has to fit all of our dried food in it.  We can have our fruit and veg out on a shelf during the winter but in summer it mostly has to live in the fridge as it goes off very quickly.  So for the winter I need big baskets to hold the veg in. but I don’t need them during the summer … so they have to be multi purpose!   Because there is a local population here on Leros we have been able to find more choice and better prices for foods like rice and couscous.   In fact I have only found couscous once before in the previous 6 months of being in Greece so I plan to stock up with a years worth whilst we are here, as it is so easy to make a different salad if you have couscous.  Rice we don’t eat a lot of but we have found a lovely tasting wild rice here so again, we might as well stock up on it.   Also dog food we can get in a big sack so that will save us a fortune if we can buy enough for the summer.

So you get the drift now of our planning.  It is not very exciting but it keeps us entertained.  This brings me back to our Christmas presents which included new spice jars which will fit above the sink, a new vegetable storage bowl because it is light and deep and looks so smart.

In fact I am so pleased with my storage bowl I am going to go off and buy another one to have on the table.  Everyone that knows me will appreciate that it doesn’t come easy for me to keep things neat and tidy.  Consequently our table is usually full of bits and bobs.  Having a large light bowl in which everything can be thrown into, is my idea of heaven!   I was a little worried about the design as it’s base is smaller that it’s rim.   With the constant threat of things rolling in the waves, we do try to minimise our mugs, bowls, jugs etc with this design.   I had, however come up with another brilliant design addition to the bowl and luckily I have a husband who is happy to humour me by carrying out my modifications.  So in the case of my new bowl, it now has a rope circled around it’s base making it really quite sturdy … even on a boat.   The added bonus is now Paul is entertained by adding circles of rope to everything he can find! 

My one luxury this Christmas (and birthday) has been the addition of something not useful or practical at all!   Plants …… yeah!    Not quite up to the clinic standards yet but each plant I bought I made sure it was one I could cultivate … so who knows by this time next year I might have a floating forest!

So we now have two very happy people here in Leros, one with a beautiful bowl and some plants and the other with a very happy wife! 🙂

We would like to wish you all a Very Healthy, Happy 2019, or as they say here, Fair winds and following seas!


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