We were over the moon when Ben (Paul’s son) announced he was to have his wedding in Rhodes.  We had planned our year around it and it was a great opportunity to visit the Dodecanese area of Greece. 

In truth we were a little worried about the availability of anchorages around Rhodes but we hoped the weather would be kind to us and we would be safe anchored in the glorious bay at Lindos. (Good choice Ben & Kat).

We spent a few weeks before the wedding in Symi.  We were pleased it was early in the season and not to mad with charter boats.  We enjoyed our time exploring the island again, the last time we had visited was when Sophie was only five years old (23years ago).

We studied the weather in the week leading up to the wedding and planned our sail across to Rhodes avoiding the big winds that just kept sneaking in.  

We had to spend a couple of nights in Rhodes Marina on route to Lindos.  The marina was expensive and uncomfortable.  Although sheltered from the wind, the swell was rebounding around the harbour making the boat jerk and serge and making sleep impossible.   We decided we would head for Lindos anyway … it can’t be as uncomfortable as this!

Leaving a day earlier than our plan meant it happened to be on a day I was working.  So for the first time, I held my consultations under sail.  We knew the internet connection was good so as long as we didn’t need the engine on it would all be fine.  (One of the engines is in my office and would be too loud if it was needed.  We had previously practiced motoring with one engine just in case we needed to so we were prepared with a plan B).

The sail was four hours long and in fact, proved to be a really good sail.  It was a lot less jerky in the office than being tied up in a big swell so I was happy in my office.  Soon we were arriving in the beautiful turquoise bay at Lindos and I was ready to get out and explore the little town.  The wind was forecast to be northerly until the evening of the wedding, then it was forecast to turn southeasterly.  The bay was sheltered from every angle except south easterly, so we hoped the wind would drop to nothing by Saturday and we would be fine.

In actual fact this is what happened and we were able to enjoy a whole week in the bay with family and friends.  We had an amazing week and a great catch up with all of the Greensmith/Toms Clan.  It was the perfect place to welcome Katherine into the family.  The food, the music, the company and the dancing in the sand will be remembered for many years to come.

At the end of a glorious few days we headed back to Rhodes town. This time there was absolutely no wind at all and we were able to have a magnificent swim on route in glassy still waters with a depth of 300m.  This time the water was dark, dark blue and with the engines off we enjoyed the peace and tranquility of the open sea.

After such a wonderfully relaxed wedding on the beach in the glorious sunshine, Sophie and I headed off to Rhodes airport to catch a flight back to the UK for another family wedding.  It was a great opportunity for me to also meet my newest Grandson Freddie and spend time with my son and his family.  The wedding in Oxfordshire meant that my family (usually at all four corners of the UK and beyond, would be in the same place at the same time. Burford church was the perfect setting for a traditional English wedding.  We then set off for a big knees up at a nearby barn complete with goats, hens, ducks and rabbits.

With the farm animals to entertain the youngsters and a croquet set to entertain the adults, (because my family cannot go anywhere without some sort of competition),  we were able to enjoy an amusing tournament with all of the cousins and Auntie Jo.  I am so lucky.  Being a part of two beautiful families who all know how to have a good time and such good food in beautiful places around the globe.

It was exactly a year ago that I left the UK for our adventure living and sailing in warmer climes.  This was my first trip home and what a week I had.  It was such a lovely experience to be able to spend time once more with my beautiful family and new Grandson Freddie (only 4 weeks old) and some of my special friends.  I headed back to the boat in Rhodes to find Paul had got a whole pile more jobs completed and the boat was stocked and ready to set sail.  We set off back to Symi before planning our next few weeks and months. 

May has been wonderful and now the weather is hot, the water is warming and the wind is becoming much more user friendly.  With family and friends booked in throughout the summer and various courses I am attending in Greece as we travel, we have some fun packed weeks ahead to look forward to.

Roll on the summer!

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