Overwintering on a boat in Samos Marina, on the beautiful Greek island of Samos could be quite a lonely affair if it wasn’t for the live-aboard community, let’s refer to them as the ‘exuberant partakers of the odd libation’…. so one naturally forms, The Sunday Lunch Club. Our club now consists of a wide cross section of ‘exuberant partakers of the odd libation’… Brits, Greeks, Germans, Scandinavians, Antipodeans and anyone else who happens to stray in our general direction.

The lunch club started as a innocent foray for food and wine, but rapidly became a gastronomic all-afternoon, try every dish on the menu, washed down with the odd ‘libation’.  We had always wondered how the Greeks could stay at a table eating for hours on end.   

Well now we know.  In fact, we have become rather good at it.  We eat and drink for as long as we are able, whilst maintaining some sort of cohesion between remaining in a vertical position and being able to converse with your neighbours. 

So picture a sunny Sunday at the Marina, around 1330 hours, and the apostles of the Sunday lunch club or SLC slowly starts to muster… driven by the thirst and hunger urge. The congregation assembles for the 1400 hours chow-down in a ‘local purveyor of fine foods and delicacies’, or in truth,  any Taverna that happens to be open and is desperate for the business.

 We are a very well behaved bunch… in true Greek style the girls sit at one end of the table while us chaps sit at the other, conversations sometimes interact but mainly it’s girls talk (clothes, food, shopping, sun, sea, hair, shoes etc) and boys talk (boats, engines, batteries, sails, wind)!

Food comes and goes, beer and wine flows and lunchtime slides slowly towards supper. So around 1900 hours when lunch seems to have finally ground to a halt, and we’ve enjoyed the customary, free desert offered by the Taverna (a quaint Greek custom) and paid the bill, the various pioneers of the SLC make their weary way back to their respective boats for a well earned siesta after such an exhaustive afternoon of merriment.  Occasionally we get waylayed  at the coffee house or the bars on the way back and some members have been known to continue long into the evening frequenting a few more ‘purveyors of the Greek falling-down water’, until completely satisfied.  

Only then, do they retire to their boat, or residence (as some members live in houses here in Pythagorio) and adopt a more horizontal position for a few moments of contemplation and reflection before joining Hypnos, the Greek god of sleep, for a little nap.

The following morning however is quite a different affair, the dawn is greeted by the occasional grunt and calls for coffee, after the consumption of which, the day is allowed to start.. this is around 730AD (After Drinking).

Often Monday is a day for reflection and recovery.  All in all, we have really enjoyed the company here on Samos.  We love the island and we have loved our Sunday Lunches.  

Not many more to go now though as we are planning to leave in the next couple of weeks.

We have been busy preparing the boat for another season of sailing around Greece.  But we will be back, if not just to catch up with all of our new found friends and hospitable Taverna owners who have looked after us so well.

(This is us, walking home in the dark making animal silhouettes).

Boat Mended….Panic Over 51

Boat Mended….Panic Over 51

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September Sailing South- 48

September Sailing South- 48

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