I am Lilly …. here are my specs….


Lilly, aka – Lillypops, Trouble, Bloody Dog, Wiggley Bum abbreviated to ‘Wigs’


Lillypopple, Wigs, Trouble


Hungarian Vizsla…. make… I sound like some sort of car or something


Princess, ah! that’s better


6 the body, brain considerably younger… who’s counting?


Eating, sleeping, fishing, sunbathing, snacks, relaxing, going in the dinghy, siestas, helping daddy drive the boat, being comfy, visitors, eating, sleeping, fishing…


So, let me start by introducing myself, I’m Lilly, a six year old (in 2019) Hungarian Vizsla and I have been living on a boat now for four of those years with two humans who like to refer to themselves as mummy and daddy, this reference being obviously status rather than biological.

Now, I hope you are all impressed with my typing so far, as using daddy’s iPad, when he’s not looking, with paws this size is not an easy task and please bear in mind I’m Hungarian and English is not my first language, so please forgive me for any typos or splening mistokes… teehee only kidding, what would I do without smellcheck?

I love living on a boat!  The truth is, I have such a fabulous life with endless sea, sunshine and fishing.  What more to life is there … apart from eating of course.  I love eating even more than I love living on a boat and I know that sometimes this is difficult as I have been know to eat rubbish off the beaches when no one is looking.

There are also cats!   Everywhere, most of them are very scary but occasionally I can sneak up on one and give it a bit of a fright!

So, a typical summers day starts for me around dawn, mummy and daddy are still asleep so I sneak out to the back of the boat for a little early morning fish watching combined with sunbathing before it gets to hot. Once the snoring stops from the front cabin, I know one of them will appear to make coffee before disappearing just as quickly with said coffee leaving me once again in peace to continue watching fish. Eventually, mummy and daddy appear and feed me. After years of mummy dragging me off for endless walks, I have now convinced daddy that fishing is much more fun and better for me, so now daddy takes me ashore in the dinghy so I can do a sweep of the beach looking for more fish.  The truth is I can fish for hours, it is very absorbing work!

I love the dinghy ride to.  It entertains everyone to see me balanced on the front of the dinghy ready to dive in when we reach the shore.  It is, of course, much more difficult to jump back in the dinghy when wading in deep waters.

If mum comes along she gets bored very quickly and will try to drag me off on some walk or another, boring… it’s is much better if she brings a camera and plays with that!


Once back onboard, I dry-off in the sunshine whilst having a well earned snooze which seams to be the order of the day… mummy and daddy go about their stuff without the need for me to be involved. Having said that, if daddy happens to be at deck level doing a job, this is the perfect opportunity for me to practice my pounce/attack techniques on him. Although great for my continuous personal development, it does make every job on the boat three times longer… but hey! I’ve got all day!

So once daddy has managed to clean the nose-prints from his glasses and regained his composure he may continue the job he started (notice the Princess is in charge). For me it’s back to snoozing in the sunshine until about four o’clock when it’s snack time. Now, snack time consists of a fresh unpeeled carrot followed by a bit of cucumber cut into quarters or if I’m really lucky a broccoli stalk, this is to tide me over until five o’clock when it’s teatime… I’ve got these two very well trained as you can tell.


 A winter days start is quite different, for one, it’s still dark and cold so that’s me staying in bed… like before, once the snoring stops I know that one of my gorgeous parents (have you seen them first thing, not the prettiest sight so I’d better rephrase!) my loving parents will make an appearance to make coffee and turn my cabin heater on.

Once the coffee is made, a swift exit back to their nice warm bed to drink said coffee. Eventually, after some stretching, scratching and a few unpleasant noises, mummy and daddy appear and it’s breakfast time.

With breakfast sitting nicely in my tummy, daddy usually takes me ashore for a walk and a game of ball (some days the sea is too cold for me to go fishing). As the boat is tied up in the Marina this means all daddy has to do is drop the passerelle (plank-like thing that allows us to walk from the boat to the pontoon) and off we go. 

If mum comes she drags us off around the hills but quite often she is busy and leaves me and dad to it!

There isn’t an awful lot of extra curriculum activity in the winter!

Samos Marina is a quiet sort of place, so much so, there is a duck (who we will refer to as Donald – not his real name) living on the pontoon. Being a Vizsla, my specialty is hunting birds so getting off the pontoon and chasing Donald about causes much merriment… mainly for me as I don’t really think Donald is that keen… he tends to fly off just as it’s getting interesting.

So after a bit of mucking about with a tennis ball and any suitable sticks I can find we make our way back to the boat for a well earned siesta.

I am so looking forward to the summer again.   

I love dinghy riding and paddleboarding, I am ok with swimming now although do a lot more paddling. There is always somewhere to find in the boat that is in the sun and out of the wind.

Sometimes the fish even jump onto the boat …. these are my favourite days. We have developed a sort of human/dog language so I can tell daddy there is a fish, but realising now (as they are quite slow to pick up on languages), it is often easier just to take him the fish so he can see it for himself. 

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