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Updated: Sep 7

 Let me tell you about what we do each day. What is it like to live on a boat, what is it like to work on a boat and what is it like living such a free life.

 This is an normal non ‘worky’ type day (we will cover works days another time). So lets start with the routine, a normal day if there is such a thing. We generally wake between 6.30 and 7.30am and we like a cup of coffee in bed. Whoever is awake first generally goes to make it. We have a gas hob and oven (although we haven’t really used the oven yet as the galley is too hot during these summer months).

“We have been trying to get Lilly to swim instead of walk but she will only do it under sufferance”

We can use the water from our tanks to boil for drinks and we save any excess boiling water in a flask. We enjoy a relaxed coffee sat up in bed looking at the sky and feeling the gentle breeze through the sky roof. Our bedroom is in the front between the two hulls, I will try and draw a plan of the boat for you. We have a sky roof which is open all of the time. We have had rain for 3 days so far out of 90, so we haven’t got wet yet.

 If the sunrise is good I will drag Paul out to have coffee outside. For me this is the best time of day. I love the early mornings. We try and then walk Lilly before it gets too hot. This means all of us getting in the dinghy and going ashore. If it’s difficult to leave the dinghy I will walk and Paul will go back to the boat and watch for our return.

 If we are close to a village then this is also the perfect time to take ashore our rubbish. We have been pleased to find that in most places there are lots of big rubbish bins close at hand. This is really useful because you don’t mind collecting rubbish off the beaches and out of the sea if you know you can dispose of it. Unfortunately there aren’t half enough recycling bins and I always wonder where each of these islands disposes of the vast quantities of rubbish bags created by tourists.

 Our early morning walk is generally half an hour to an hour. Occasionally we only have a very small beach surrounded by inaccessible cliffs. We have been trying to get Lilly to swim instead of walk but she will only do it under sufferance and she certainly wont spend more than the minimum 3 minutes in the water.

 If the boat is close to the shore she will sometimes agree to swim back to the boat or to the dinghy although it is quite hard to get into the dinghy from a swimming position. Those of you who have tried it will know what I mean.

The perfect walk for me is not too steep a hill behind with an abundance of fig trees on route. I love scrumping and Paul is always amazed at what I find whilst walking.

 After our walk we always need a swim, so Lilly watches us as we take a turn around the boat before breakfast. Breakfast is usually fruit and yoghurt and another coffee. We have a little coffee filter which is perfect for one cup. (I prefer an instant decaf so mine is easy to make). 

 We use a piece of kitchen roll in the filter so it makes just one cup at a time. We decided very early on in our boat living that our coffee percolator would not work. Too much washing up when water is in short supply. We used a funnel for a couple of years but now have a purpose made filter funnel thing.

 I always have to brush off the cushions in the cockpit each morning, having a dog who sheds hair is not perfect on a boat but she is family so we put up with it. I use a horse body brush to brush the cushions, then a floor brush then we have a little rechargeable hoover to pick up the dust. It takes me just 5 minutes to do the cockpit outside and the saloon, galley and steps so it’s not too arduous.

 So now it’s time to get to work. Generally we try and get any chores done in the morning. If I am working I don’t usually have clients before 2.30pm (because I work through till 9pm) so we have got time for other things. I do spend an hour each morning answering emails and preparing any marketing that needs doing, it’s also a good time for me to check I have enough power to see me through the day.

 We have an invertor which can power our plugs straight from the battery store so it means I can charge the computer during the day without having to have the generator on. I don’t like using the computer whilst it is plugged in because it feels odd, not like your electric at home. So I try to have it fully charged before I begin working. We don’t currently use the inverter for many other things, it works for our mini food processor and the ice cream maker and thats about it. But now our batteries our completely happy with running the fridge and freezer we don’t have to turn on the generator at all as long as the sun is out at some point during the day.

 Lunch is generally cheese or a salad unless we have been shopping and then we indulge in a loaf of bread and a dish of olive oil and humus. The bread is only good for one day, we have discovered that any left over and left we can make good garlic bread on the bbq with it, so we usually have it once every 5 or 6 days when we do a shop!

 We are learning now to relax after lunch and have a couple of hours reading a book, swimming and relaxing. We are loving this time, being close to water it doesn’t really matter how hot it gets if you can just have a quick dip.

 We have time between 4 and 6pm for a few more jobs or chores before we take Lilly out again for her evening walk or swim or paddle board. She just loves the paddle board. She won’t jump off the boat into the water and sometimes you know she would really love to join you in the water but she is quite happy to sit on the paddle board close to the water and loves it even more if you will take her out on it for a jolly.


Supper is generally between 7 and 8 for us and it is then just half an hour or so until the sun goes down … so thats another day!






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