We managed to film Myrtle the Turtle whilst anchored in Symi

Up goes the spinnaker!

Paul is here to give you a walk through in TopCat

If you park in front of my sunset you must expect to be photographed!

What a lovely surprise … goats having breakfast on our morning walk

We were pleased to see our first dolphin of 2019 going into the bay at the top of Leros during February. A big dolphin on his own.

Paul explains about the calorifier and how is going to mend the leak.  This is my office when it isn’t a workshop!

A lovely morning in October 2018 in the Cyclades in Greece.   We are talking about goats!

This video we took just leaving Sifnos after the Medicane at the beginning of October. We were on the way to Dhespotiko in the Cyclades

Feeling Grateful 52

Feeling Grateful 52

I have just arrived back from a great trip back to the UK.  I had a fantastic time visiting my mum right up in the north of Scotland and my son and his family right down in Kent in the south east of England.   Arriving back in Samos I realised I needed my...

Boat Mended….Panic Over 51

Boat Mended….Panic Over 51

Arriving in Leros, we made the preparations to get the boat lifted out of the water so our hole could be mended.  We tried to organise things so we wouldn't be out of the water for too long but we knew they would need to dry the boat before fixing it.  They arranged...


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